Nikon 58mm 1.4g on the Z6 appreciation thread

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Re: Nikon 58mm 1.4g on the Z6 appreciation thread

Sukuwea Enikkusu wrote:

Thank you!

I think there is not much to learn about this lens, people overthink. It is just softer at minimum focus distance, I generally avoid getting so close anyways unless it is an 85mm. I think much of the softness people experience is not calibrating the lens properly and even so it behaves not so well with DSLR's focus systems.

Want nice bokeh? Have your subject stand further away from the background or move closer to half body length.

Never tried the 35mm or 28mm 1.4. They produce stellar pics for sure from what I am seeing.

I like the bokeh of the 28mm 1.8, it is better than Z 35mm 1.8 in this regard and admittedly I cut corners on the wide focal length. It is not my workhorse focal length. Also all my lenses are around 500g now on the Z6, I really like the balance of my kit.

It’s love hate on my D850 which requires a truckload of adjustments for all my lens. I really have to put it in my Z6 and give it a work out...

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