Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Maybe not "intuitive", but maybe "well though out?"

Green Lens Creations wrote:

What’s funny about the whole customization thing when I think about it is that it is almost essential for quick adjustments with certain brand bodies, but I as well as basically every Nikon user I know rarely changes anything because the controls are so fluent as they are... I think that is the definition of intuitive

Now, I am a Nikon camera user. And I really appreciate how well it works.

But I don't know if I would exactly call the Nikon UI intuitive.

I have had a Nikon D70s, D5100, D100, D90, D7000 and D750 in that order.

What I have noticed is that Nikon is constantly tweaking the user interface.

As much as I liked the Nikon D70s. I noticed some updates to the D90. And by the D7000 there was a lot of tweaks. Even from my Nikon D7000 to the D750 I noticed tweaks. Like being able to toggle auto-ISO on/off by pressing the ISO button and rotating the front dial.

I mean . . . if the Nikon UI was really intuitive . . . wouldn't all manufacturers be doing it the same way?

Instead of intuitive, I'd personally call the Nikon UI well thought out.

Even my Nikon D5100, with only one control dial, I really marveled at how easy it was to change settings and take pictures with it. I only had a few essential things on the "My Menu", and I changed the "FN" button to be an ISO button. That was about it. And I was able to take pictures and not have to dive into menus constantly.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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