Selected an easy one to practice on

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Re: Selected an easy one to practice on

cerj wrote:

Picked an easy one to practice on

Interested in seeing what others do to continue the learning curve


Nicely done.

This not an easy one in my opinion.

I firstly made selections, saved them to alpha channels of her skin, lace, eyes and lips, her dress and bonnet so that each could be adjusted independently. I liked your choice of colours but preferred the bonnet to match her dress. Skin colouring was with colour gradients and 'blend if' on layers in colour mode. Due to the saved channels, I copied her moved her to a layer above. From there, I played with BG fills and colours so as to not exaggerate her face. Not sure if I got there though. Maybe more of the skin colours in the BG? ... so I added a lighter vignette to maybe blend the additions together.

Again, a good challenge. Thanks for the post.

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