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Is there one camera manufacturer that stands out as a leader when it comes to intuitive menus?

Please ignore, if possible, stratospheric priced cameras.


Sony is the worst imaginable. They couldn't make a bigger mess even if they tried.

Really? Ten why do I like the Sony menus? Could it be that they aren't really as bad as you say and it's merely your opinion. Have you ever even owned one of the newer Sonys or used one for an extended length of time with an open mind? I bet not. There's a lot of Sony hate out there and the Sony haters love to criticize the menu system when they really know nothing about it.

Does A7M2 or A7RM2 count?

May be you have a special camera. My A7r menu is not random. Pretty much make sense to me.

Don't see them changing so much from m1 to m2 for you to have random menu.

The order of things in the menus is worse than random, imho. Settings that go conceptually together are spattered around in different pages. It would require considerable work and time to make them any worse, if at all possible.

Sony makes great cameras, especially for video. The A7R series is extremely powerful and capable, and g-master glass is excellent. I do think however the design of the cameras will ultimately come back to haunt them in the future

Sony was first with a truly capable mirrorless camera on the market when people were still skeptical. This allowed them to eat up a lot of the quick switchers and get a head start in the industry. While it’s definitely a camera I wouldn’t mind having, it’s not a design I would trust on professional jobs or in situations where settings need to be adjusted often. Yes, anyone can get used to anything, but I think there are better options

I bought the Sony A7 as an inexpensive way to get full frame sensors behind my vintage lenses.

I don't own any Sony lenses - it's just where I park my vintage lenses.

But I'm not everyone.

BUT - There's an entire generation of photographers who see Sony as the only good full frame option. The Sony A7 came out in 2013.

2013. (sorry for the US centric bent on events, this is just what I get when I google "2013 year in review")

  • Barack Obama is inaugurated for a second term.
  • The Boston Marathon Bombings
  • The Edward Snowden revelations

The A7 would have been ridiculed today. I own it - I like it. It has one card slot. The menus are - whatever. But it was a full frame camera mirrorless in 2013.

Sony wasn't just "first with a truly capable mirrorless camera on the market"

Sony was DVD when the rest of the world was watching watching 4:3 broadcast television.

I also think when Nikon and Canon begin releasing their next mirrorless bodies, it will be a game changer and disrupt the concept that Sony is the king of mirrorless. They may be the first to the market, but we are still early on in the development of mirrorless systems and there is still a ton of market share to fight for, especially considering one of the biggest competitors to the A7RIII & IV is the D850, and once there is a comparable mirrorless body to prevent people from having to choose Nikon or Sony based on DSLR vs Mirrorless options, it will tilt the scales a bit.

A "game changer" changes the game.

Joining a category 7 years later is not game changing.

DSLR’s sales have been dropping, but while mirrorless sales have remained steadier they have not increased. This shows there are still a ton of people out there still waiting to see what Nikon and Canon come out with and for the technology to mature more before they make a switch. I still personally prefer an optical viewfinder but that’s just me

At the end of the day find the camera that feels the best in your hands and/or the company you trust the most and stick with them. If you really know what you’re doing and understand the strengths and limitations of your gear, the photos/videos will come out great regardless of what it was shot on

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