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mount evans wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

Papparazzo was the surname of the photographer in the Fellini film La Dolce Vita.

(Fellini made that name up using the sound that a mosquito makes) .

BTW, papparazzo for one , papparazzi for a scourge of them .

And here I just assumed that the name had something to do with "paper."

That was the Echo 8 , made in Japan by Suzuki Optical in 1951. The film created a demand for it so susuki made a less expensive version called Camera Lite Model B. The Echo sold for $20 in 1954. ($200 now)

BTW, the format was called 8mm but the frame size was 6x6mm (according to the Minori film )

Dare I ask what the I/B switch is selecting? Body vs. Lens stabilization?

Yes , you got it . Way ahead of its time !!!

Shutter speed selection I= 1/50th B for bulb (long exposure)

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