ON1 Photo RAW 2020.5 released

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The Catalogue has always bugged me.

On1 say you can browse without a catalogue. Well yes, but you can’t search.

On1 say you can catalogue in the background. Well yes, but the software is unusable until cataloging has finished. I’d far rather a normal import into a proper database, which would give other advantages.

And why is cataloging so bleeding slow?

I’m currently having to re-catalogue everything. 25,000 photos stored on a fast NAS and connected via fast Ethernet. Based on current progress it’ll take 9 days! What is it doing?!

For some perspective, I ran PhotoSweeper on the same images (to remove duplicates). That software creates thumbnails and does some clever image comparisons - time to run around 1 hour.

I also ran Excire Photo on the same images. This software creates thumbnails and uses machine learning/ai to automatically add appropriate tags. Took under 2 hours to run.

Why is cataloging in On1 Raw so slow?!

I don't find cataloging slow and I can use the program normally whilst it catalogs in the background.
I much prefer the On1 system, where you can still access an image without needing to load it into a catalog like you are forced to do with LR. If someone brings me an image file on a USB stick or memory card, I can still edit it without having to load it into a catalog. Much more convenient than LR.

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