Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

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Re: Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

Thank you all for these excellent points. A lot that I hadn't considered.

My apologies for the long delay in replying: after some time, I followed up to ask my father, as you all were right: it's a personal purchase and better to "get it right" than surprise him with something that doesn't quite fit (you can always return, but sometimes it's nice to get exactly what they'd want).

It's fitting to update you all where we ended up, after weeks of back & forth and reading reviews together. Feel no pressure to reply.

  • He's been using my trusty NEX-3 for some time now first to familiarize how digital cameras work today and what are the limitations / improvements he'll look for in his camera (he used film photography many decades ago, but he loves the simplicity--though not the quality--of his smartphone). The initial requirements are mostly the same, but you all brought up many points I hadn't considered: comfort in juggling lenses? interest in a system for later lenses? megapixels for cropping?
  • A good note on 1" with a fast zoom lens vs APS-C kit lenses, i.e. APS-C alone won't deliver all the goods. Though, to be sure, lighting is probably most important: no pixel peeing here. Most photos are just displayed digitally on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops here.
  • Good notes on the Sony a6100: it does fit many boxes and I missed it from a bit of sticker shock. The lack of a fully-usable touchscreen is likely the biggest, and persistent, obstacle, though try as I might to convince him to try dials, haha. But the strong AF is a big win: I imagine he'll quickly find flaws with the contrast-only NEX-3, as I remember wishing, "Focus. Yes. No. Not there. All right, let's try again. OK, let's just take a different picture."
  • Thank you for the notes & product suggestions on the weather-sealing: and, valid, lens-dependent!
  • He's already quite eager for a "Auto ISO min SS" setting on the NEX-3. The auto-ISO is, believe it or not, will only ratchet up to ISO 1600. And, right, nothing to speak of a minimum shutter speed.
  • The Nikon Z50, Canon M6 Mark III, and Olympus line-up are other options, too. I did like the weather-sealing, but a little disappointed in the lens lineup. Though, it's hard to imagine how much he'll like wanting to buy more lenses later. And, well, Olympus' financial troubles are a little sad to hear: our first-ever digital camera was an Olympus! Nikon & Canon will need the budget to stretch, though.

The biggest twist: he is a big of Google Photos for backups (a bit of a digital archivist) so he's gotten interested in the auto-upload feature of image.canon that we stumbled on. Apparently, no budget cameras support that yet from Canon, so that's a little difficult. He's waiting to see if it trickles down or if the other manufacturers will come out with similar simple backup solutions  (i.e., auto-backup without a smartphone connection, ex. you leave it charging in the hotel room overnight to upload that day's photos).

Whew. A lot to think about, but at least now he's out taking photos and seeing where he's most comfortable.

A long update, but I wanted to catch (hopefully) everything you all pointed out. I'll update this post once there's a purchase decision.

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