The newest Canon top of the line sports camera looks impressive

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Re: The newest Canon top of the line sports camera looks impressive

PerfectPoms wrote:

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

Looks great.

But I've never been able to fathom, for those who are in the market for these cameras, why they would want video on them as a significant requirement. For that matter, why one would normally choose a FF camera, and then a Dslr, to do video unless you had to. It just strikes me as mixing metaphors, and hoping a multi-tool will do everything well.

It's not a significant requirement, but there have been a few times I would like to be able to shoot video. I don't want to have to carry ANOTHER camera body, such as the Z6 or D780 JUST IN CASE that particular day is the day that need comes up.

Thanks, I understand it's a nice-to-have; but the problem being if you're doing it all "properly", your camera is somewhere in the middle of the nest of monitors, microphones, storage, lights.... And I think I would choose to have a Z6 as well, or more likely, a smaller-sensor video camera. My feeling is that video provision in these cameras is more of a defensive spec measure against mirrorless equivalents than it is about pressing need.

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