I’m still not sure how to proceed!!

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Re: I’m still not sure how to proceed!!

Ad12 wrote:

You know what happened? I got my XT30 as a travel camera/hiking, with my DSLR for main work. I hadn’t anticipated being so in love with my Fujifilm, to the extent i want to sell my Canon gear.

If i could have predicted this, i could have used the XT30 money, and traded my Canon gear for an XT4. My Canon gear will trade for 1500pounds, about enough to get an XT4. If i traded my XT30 too, I could keep the 18-55 and 10-24 XF. I’d just be lacking a telephoto lens and without my charcoal XT30. Im just dreaming about how good the XT4 must be now!

I hadn’t planned to fall for my Fujfilm so much. Such a joy to shoot.

The X-T4 is an awesome camera, but you may have found yourself still wishing to get the slightly smaller X-T30. Photography equipment is always a multi-objective optimisation problem full of compromises. Each tool at the end has its own place. Instead of thinking what you should have done or could have, focus on what you want now that you learnt more about your usage of said tools. There are actually less compromises between the X-T30 and X-T4 than one would think as they share sensor and processor.

In my opinion, you should sell and switch to Fuji or, for the matter, any mirrorless system. The Canon EF mount may get new cameras, but no new lens designs. Demand for it may, other than for the high-end L lenses, will slowly die. Third-party lenses, like your Tamron, tend to be the ones that loose most of the value. If you are thinking of selling, do it now. If you don't now, it may be a year or two that you may end up looking back at this and regret not doing so.

If Fuji makes you happy, go with that. If you don't now, it may be a year or two that you may end up looking back at this and regret not doing so. Slowly build into any system you move to. Keep an eye on discounts around November/December. In the UK (where I assume that you are based), Clifton Cameras and Wex had quite generous discounts on Fujifilm lenses last December/January.

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