Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

rb61 wrote:

Is there one camera manufacturer that stands out as a leader when it comes to intuitive menus?

Please ignore, if possible, stratospheric priced cameras.


I’ve used basically every brand out there and when it comes to practicality, design, ergonomics, and interface — Nikon hands down takes the cake

I would consider how you will be using the camera and what your needs are, but if you are concerned about being able to adjust settings on a whim I find Nikon to be the best designed, and that’s why I use them to this day

If you have not yet invested in a camera system and aren’t yet “married” to one, go to a store and handle a few different brands and see for yourself. Once you  start investing in lenses it’s pretty impractical to have multiple bodies with different mounts so it’s hard to turn back (although not impossible, you can always sell your gear and switch, but you will obviously lose some money)

I do want to add that Nikon gets a lot of flak nowadays because they have lagged behind in tech development. A series of decisions made by the company dating all the way back to the late 60’s/early 70’s have caused them to give up a large market share to Canon and now Sony which both make excellent cameras, and tend to be more on the cutting edge of innovation. Nikon however tends to be slower to introduce new things, but has a long history of perfecting the important breakthroughs and implementing them in some of the most effective and best designed ways. They also have some of the best glass on the market, and their new Z-system I believe will help they stay competitive in the ever evolving mirrorless market despite their recent money woes. I believe Nikon user’s patience will eventually be repaid with a Z8 or Z9 release with the same tech as an A7Riv but with the ergonomics and design you would want in a camera and a D6X with the tech of a 1DXiii. All in all though one of the main things that keeps me away from Sony systems is the menu design, overall controllability and comfort - but everyone is different

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