Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Hubertus Bigend
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Re: Nothing is proven

Dennis wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

Canon is and will keep making big fast long lenses for those who want and need them.

Very true.

And they may be attractive to those APS-C (1.6x crop factor) users who otherwise worry that their current EF lenses will be too short if they moved to EOS-R.

That's it, I think. All Canon is really trying to prove is that you don't need small sensors, because they don't want people to start demanding APS-C R mount.

Sounds plausible. In the current state of the camera market which isn't going to in improve any time soon, either, I guess it will be hard enough to keep up all those different camera lines they already have.

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