6 camera colour comparison

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Re: 6 camera colour comparison

Andy873 wrote:

  1. comparing "color science" is mostly pointless, the actual differences are way smaller than margin of error and uncontrollable variables.
  2. different cameras can never be made to be completely the same because the absorption spectrum of the sensor isn't the same.

This is why for extremely critical productions like movies they can and will try to get this right, for example by keeping to the same camera and brand of lens for the entire movie. But if you're just taking photos it really doesn't matter in the slightest.

The jpg differences were not small, someone could definitely have a preference.
So I didn't find it pointless, knowing for example that two brands lighten reds in their jpgs is interesting, I'll look at the H and S shifts too and see what I effect it has on my own images.

The adobe color profile normalizes them pretty well, completely the same is time consuming but a greater than 24 patch sample for different light sources and you could do a great job of matching them. I matched the raw outputs pretty close in a few minutes just by normalising exposure.

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