Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Is there one camera manufacturer that stands out as a leader when it comes to intuitive menus?

Please ignore, if possible, stratospheric priced cameras.


Sony is the worst imaginable. They couldn't make a bigger mess even if they tried.

Really? Ten why do I like the Sony menus? Could it be that they aren't really as bad as you say and it's merely your opinion. Have you ever even owned one of the newer Sonys or used one for an extended length of time with an open mind? I bet not. There's a lot of Sony hate out there and the Sony haters love to criticize the menu system when they really know nothing about it.

Does A7M2 or A7RM2 count?

How long did you use them?

I still have and use them.

Long enough to get used to the system? I don't like using Canon or Nikon menus because I'm not used to them but that doesn't mean they are bad.

The good thing about Nikon is that the menus are only needed once. After the initial setup everything has its own button. The Sony doesn't have enough buttons and needs using the menus way too often. The Nikon menus have better logical grouping of things but I would not call the menus perfect. Let's say B- grade. The little time I have spent with Canon has made me think a full B grade is in order.

The order of things in the menus is worse than random, imho. Settings that go conceptually together are spattered around in different pages. It would require considerable work and time to make them any worse, if at all possible.

We can agree to disagree. Sony menus suit me just fine because I can customize them to my liking.

The ultimate customization being of course making the menus redundant. Sadly not possible. Sony menus receive a D-.

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