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Great Bustard wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

  • Diffraction is often the least of your problems when stopping down "too far" -- stopping down will result in less light on the sensor (for a given scene and exposure time) resulting in a more noisy photo or may result in excessive motion blur (for a given scene and exposure), either of which may well be more damaging to the IQ of the photo than diffraction itself.

Also, you may get much more visible sensor dirt if you stop down more than you really need to.

By "sensor dirt", do you mean like which sensor is cheating on which sensor, and stuff like that?

Without mentioning names or hinting at particular individuals, I'd say yes.

It is said that you can tame the immoral behavior of dual-pixel sensors by dissolving the microlenses, which is a virtual lobotomy for each pixel.

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