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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

alcelc wrote:

I am sure it might not really matter you. But to me I never consider AF assist lamp could be so user unfriendly?


Who said it was unfriendly?

FYI Panasonic M43 MILCs are all equipped with in-camera AF assist light. If selected ON in menu (likely an out of factory default setting), it will be activated automatically whenever needed. Why all the troubles?

I originally got Nikon, and specifically the Nikon D70s, back in 2008 to try out high-speed-sync flash on the cheap with a Vivitar 285HV flash unit, as mentioned by The Strobist.

But I got the Nikon D5100 in 2011 specifically to start trying to get pictures of my daughters at indoor sports competitions.

My oldest at cheer competitions, and both at gymnastics competitions.

The thing with gymnastics competitions is that there is no flash allowed because it could distract the gymnast and potentially make them miss their skill or worse fall off one of the apparatus and get injured.

But, for me, I also don't want the built-in AF assist light to go off either. Partly because I suspect that the event organizers might think it was a flash, and they would have to come over to me and tell me to turn my flash off, but mainly because I don't want the possibility of that AF light being a distraction to any gymnast.

So . . . that is why I put the AF Assist light ON/OFF on "My Menu" so I would be sure to force that AF Assist light off so that there was no way for it to come on while shooting at a competition.

Nikon is perfectly suited to allow me to do this. It works really, really well.

For your further info, as per Imaging Resource, its review on D5600 ( I assume it should be an improved model from D5100?), under the Exposure/ LLAF section, it can do AF only dark as -0.9ev (on low contrast target) or -1.3ev (on high contrast target) using f/2.8 without AF assist. It is far behind the -6ev Low Light AF norm ability of recent Panasonic MILCs. On my cameras, it will use AF assist, but not often unless it is extremely dark 😊.


When I had to make a decision on what camera to buy to specifically shoot indoor sports, a lot of it was based on what platform it would be easy for me to find cheaper used f/2.8 zooms on.

So it was narrowed down to Nikon and Canon.

And, since I started researching what camera back in 2010, the m43 format had only been around for two years, so it did not make my short list.

I did keep following the m43 cameras.

But Panasonic and Olympus seemed to keep messing up the models I liked.

The Panasonic I liked as the GF1. Small. No built-in viewfinder. Built-in flash. And a PASM dial. When the GF2 came out and there was no PASM dial, I lost interest. It wasn't until the GX1 came out that I started looking at Panasonic again. And then I stopped again when the GX series started getting bigger and Panasonic dropped the flash sync speed.

For Olympus, I really liked the E-PL1(s) and the E-PL2. But when the E-PL3 dropped the built-in flash, I stopped being interested in Olympus.

So I eventually got a Pentax Q. Small. No built-in viewfinder. Built-in flash. And a PASM dial.

But now that the dust has settled and the Q line has been discontinued I've been thinking of upgrading that camera. Olympus has brought back the built-in flash to the E-PL series . . . I was thinking of selling off a bunch of my cameras and giving Olympus a go.

I will probably try out something like an old Olympus E-PL2 just to get my feet wet a bit in the Olympus ecosystem.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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