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Harold66 wrote:

As I have seen before , everyone that I have read this argument were asking for tilt for SMALL camera not g9 size

Having both tilt LCD cameras (Stylus-1, E-m1 mark I, E-m5 mark I, Panasonic LX-10) and FAS cameras (G85, FZ300, E-m5 mark III) I have the luxury of being able to choose the camera based on how I expect to use it.  Some times, tilt LCD wins, some times FAS wins.

And there are times when having tilt LCD on a larger camera wins out.  If I have the camera on a monopod (such as when I attach my camera to the end of my walking staff at renaissance faires), it is useful to not to take up more space horizontally to flip out the LCD.  Also at times when I'm recording video with an external microphone, it can be challenging to deal with the FAS and the external microphone cable (typically, I have to adjust the screen, and then plug in the cable on the G85).

And there are times when FAS wins out, such as when I'm doing portrait orientation shots.  Also, when I want to turn the screen inward, either to protect it, or just not be as visible when I'm shooting in a crowd, particularly in low light.  I find in general, the FAS lcd is easier to adjust the angle so I can see the screen properly in bright sun.

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