Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Re: Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

cosmicnode wrote:

Dennis wrote:

cosmicnode wrote:

This was shot at 550mm, 1/4000 sec and iso 1800, at the brightest part of a july day. if I had shot at f11 this would have been ISO 7200.

Clearly, an f/11 lens is not designed for people who have to shoot 1/4000s regularly.

That doesn't make it useless.

You obviously do not read posts fully. the shutter speed will be very slow in poor light and will make it useless at that time. It's a sunny day lens.

I read just fine. You made the ridiculous claim that something is useless because it doesn't do what you want.

I have taken thousands of photos with my RX10 III, which features a 220/4 (600/11 equivalent). Including photos of concerts indoors (at fairly high ISOs). Photos of backyard wildlife at dusk. I could use a 600/11 and bump the ISO accordingly and do everything I can with my RX10 III with a 600/11. Sure, it's not ideal ... but ideal is bigger, heavier, more expensive, and people make compromises.

If a 600/11 is useless in anything but bright sun, then so is an RX10. You ought to warn the people on the Sony forums to stay away from that camera.

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