What camera could IM022 be?

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Re: On penF can totally get more things

lightnchade wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Tilt lcd

much faster processor

hand held high res

faster on/ off

weather sealing

Useful for sure, but how possible or likely.

I can assure you that much faster processor meaning much better AF is very very useful. And for street photography, at least for some of us, FAS vs Tilt LCD is a deal breaker.

For example, weather sealing impacts heat dissipation and so also needs incorporating into the body design.

The same holds true for the overall balance of processor performance, heat, battery life(/size) and body size/shape.

A somewhat faster processor is a given, supporting some of the latest processor tricks that have been conspicuous by their absence in firmware updates (suggesting it had reached most of its firmware's limits).

But it seems highly unlikely, with its position in the market along with the current scenario at Olympus, that it could gain features like hand-held high res, which would presumably need a radical redesign and engineering investment.

Does it? It all depends on how that's implemented on the EM1 MKIII.

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