Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Is there one camera manufacturer that stands out as a leader when it comes to intuitive menus?

Please ignore, if possible, stratospheric priced cameras.



Prime example of how subjective a subject this is. This guy has the complete opposite opinion.

I have never understood why people complain about the Olympus menus. I think they are very logical and over the years became even more user friendly.

It's not the "menus" per-se. It's the E-P5 (which I mistakenly called the E-PL5 before).

See that that switch that goes from "1" to "2" - every button and dial does something different based on that.

This is supposed to be a "flagship" camera but that switch makes me not want to use it.

To be fair - I bought this camera as a kit for the lens (the 17mm f/1/8) so it was basically free.

As for the menus themselves - personally I think if I have to "go into the menus" to do most basic things, user interface is probably not that good, so I barely even remember what the menus on any camera I own look like except for the handful of things I need to do on them.

At some point you own too many cameras to bother memorizing the menus of each one you own. How to change ISO or White Balance on the other hand - it should be easy to do and that switch makes it hard for me to remember what's where.

I have the E-P5 (also purchased mainly for the 17mm). I have never had that switch off the "1" position. Ever.


Literally don't know the difference between the 1 position and the 2 position. I used the camera like 3 times and gave up. Remember - I just bought it for the lens.

But good to know - keep it on the "1" position. I plan on having it around as a "second" camera to give to someone who wants to take photos while I want to have my main camera around. Other people don't find it as frustrating as I do - but then they're more likely to just hit the Menu button and poke around.

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