external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

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Re: external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

Well the adapter (startech USB-C to DVI-D) arrived and I've spent the last three hours attempting to get it to work.

But alas, the monitor blinks no matter what settings I change in it's OCD menu, (digital, analog, factory reset) or what settings I adjust in the monitor system preferences menu (default for display/scaled, trying all the different refresh rates)

This was the same issue I got on one of my first (this is now the 5th) adapter cord/attempt, one from OWC that I ended up returning.

2 last points, A) I can see for the 5 seconds or so when the monitor is on before it blinks off for 10 seconds or so, that the image with this dvi - adapter and cable is clearer and more distinct then with my VGA cable.

and B) it's def not the dvi cable itself, as I can switch the adapter back to my dvi to mini display port adapter, hook up my old 2012 macbook pro, and the signal on the external monitor is clear and steady with no blinking.

I ordered a Caldigit thunderbolt dock, to try and eliminate some of the cables, but I don't have much hope that running my new adapter from that to the monitor will improve things.  But I'll wait till it gets here, and try that before ordering a whole new monitor.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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