500 mm DO, F5.6

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Where is the advantage?

Not for me. Where is the advantage? Not much longer than a 100-400, no faster, not going to be any easier to handle (insofar as the 100-400 is already plenty easy enough), not going to be usefully lighter (insofar as the 100-400 is plenty light enough), certainly not going to be any shorter, doesn't offer the convenience and flexibility of zoom, and very unlikely to be any better image quality (insofar as the 100-400 is already outstanding).

Oh, and bound to cost a good deal more.

Now I'm all in favour of nice DO lenses. My next purchase will almost certainly be a 400/4 DO. Yes, it is very expensive, but it offers a whole extra stop (which is gold) or 560mm focal length still at f/5.6, has great IQ, and it's nice and light and handy. In short, it can do a lot of stuff that my 100-400 can't do (work in worse light; add significantly greater reach) and at the same time do something that my 500 and 600 f/4s can't do (i.e., be small and manageable).

I can see the use case for a 600 5.6 DO, but in reality is it going to be all that much better at anything than a 400/4 DO? Hard to see it costing all that much less, or weighing all that much less, if you were thinking about a lens in this class, why wouldn't you pay a bit extra and step up to the much more versatile 400/4 DO?

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