How accurate is the 'green dot' in manually focusing on D7500

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rubybgold wrote:

Hi. My eyesight has gone to hell, and so I can't really tell in the viewfinder whether or not I'm sharply in focus when using manual focus. I'd like to rely on the green dot, but am not clear how accurate it is. Thoughts?


It's more an indicator of when the AF systems has "locked" focus.  For manual focus's really just accurate enough for casual use and not precise enough for more focus critical scenarios.  And there are a lot of variables at play.  It may be pretty close with one lens and not so much another, as one example.

When DoF is pretty wide and pin point focus isn't a works just fine for manual focus.  When DoF is very tight and you really need precise control...not so much.  In those cases...shoot in 3 shot bursts a lot and you'll get a number of keepers and some throwaways.

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