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Polemica wrote:

Hi guys

I need your help choosing a new camera. I started taking pictures three years ago with a panasonic mft entry level mirrorless and now i want to step up my photo with a full frame camera. I'm not a professional photographer but i love taking portrait photo, so for this reason i want to switch to full frame for the sweet bokeh and low light performance.

I have a budget of 1500-1800 € (1500 is better of course). With this price range in mind i selected four different setup (all prices are from a local camera shop, i'd prefer to not buy from amazon or online seller):

  • Sony A7 m2 with 28-70 kit (1017 €) + another lens (a 50 mm maybe?). What lens do you recomend?
  • Sony A7 m2 body only (960 €) + Tamron 28-75 f2.8 (806€)
  • sony A7 m2 body only (960 €) + possibly two other lenses (i hve no idea what lenses fit the budget, so i'm asking you)
  • Sony A7 m3 with 28-70 kit ( 2084 €) this option implies selling a kidney for the extra cash

If you have other suggestion or doubt feel free to let me know, thanks in advance fof your anwers!

Go with and save a ton of money. Test the camera thoroughly when it arrives... Once I had to send back a Fuji X-T3 because it had a lot of dust on the sensor, but over the years I have saved thousands... Means that you can get gear that would otherwise be unaffordable to you...

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