Modifying Pentax mount lenses for SA mount cams?

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Re: Modifying Pentax mount lenses for SA mount cams?

SteveNunez wrote:

I'd be happy to buy the 28-105 SA lens you have.....I had the Sigma UC III version for Pentax and it was a nice lens.

Well, as said the lens is old SA version and as such it has little to no resale value these days, but it's new. I've only taken it out of the box to test if it works with the SDQH, but beyond that it's unused. I got it as a part of a bulk clearance deal with a local dealer when they moved to a new location and wanted to clear their shelves from old unsold stock.

The lens was apparently made for the older SD models in the SD10 or SD14 era or maybe beyond but it appears to work fine with newer SD bodies and the SDQ, too. Except for AF, which is a bit erratic with the SDQ, and noisy in today's standards. But that aside it appears to work just fine.
The AF, while rather basic, will work with Sigma dSLR bodies, but it's better to use the lens in MF mode with the SDQ. It may work at times, but it can stop and get stuck in either end of the focus range whenever it starts hunting for focus.

If you want it PM me your address and I'll send it to you. I'm not sure what the shipping cost will be, but suppose it's not ridiculous.

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