Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Re: Moreover, they finally demonstrate where equivalence stops

Dennis wrote:

Hubertus Bigend wrote:

For telephoto, this is less of a given, and these new f/11 lenses make an example of it...)

They're definitely new in their specs. Very light weight. The common wisdom is that they would have to be longer, and probably at least a little heavier as a result (even if there isn't more glass, the longer body ought to weigh something). Then there's the old argument over designing a sharper lens for a smaller image circle versus not needing such a sharp lens to record detail over a larger area ... that remains to be seen. Price remains to be seen,

GPB prices have been leaked already (USD and EUR by current exchange rate):

Canon RF 100-500mm L £2.899 (€3,208/US$3,614)
Canon RF 600mm £699 (€774/US$871)
Canon RF 800mm £929 (€1,028/US$1,158)
Canon RF 85mm Macro £649 (€718/US$809)

as does build & construction (is the weight due to a consumer build, versus Olympus' weather sealed pro build ?

All very interesting. The 600/11 works out to pretty much the equivalent of the long end of a Sony RX10 IV. That would make for a fun comparison!


Still, there's one big problem that would rule out both f/11 lenses for me, the extremely long shortest focusing distance...

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