Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Re: Moreover, they finally demonstrate where equivalence stops

Dennis wrote:

Hubertus Bigend wrote:

those two lenses seem the first real proof that even now that full-frame finally starts to make slow mft-equivalent lenses which weren't available on full-frame so far

I think Canon has announced (released ?) one or two kit zooms with f/7.1 max apertures and we've been seeing more f/6.3 (Nikon is rumored to announce a 24-50/4.6/3 kit zoom with the rumored upcoming Z5).

In the DSLR era, they had APS-C. In the mirrorless era, I think both of them are trying to push the market to FF and bypass APS-C to the greatest extent possible. Canon has EOS-M but knows that many buyers don't want to get into that system. Nikon has the Z50 but I suspect they'd like to avoid fleshing it out.

So I expect that we'll see more relatively slow lenses for FF systems in absence of any serious DX stuff.

I agree (and it's a pity, APS-C does have advantages especially for telephoto and macro, just like MFT).

(My mention of "slow mft-equivalent lenses" was specifically in the context of telephoto; I know those other options already exist, and they usually show that slow equivalent full-frame lenses don't need to be bigger than comparable mft lenses. For telephoto, this is less of a given, and these new f/11 lenses make an example of it...)

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