Leica TL2 in 2020?

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Re: TL11-23 + Sigma 16/30/56 f1.4 + TL3 //Re: Leica TL2 in 2020?

Strangefinder wrote:

Gosh, I wish they'd revisit the GXR - such a great concept. It would work really well these days since the technology has matured and would be less subject to flux.

So do I, or I did, until several years back, when I gave up hope. It's a shame, really, such a nice (albeit quirky) instrument in many ways, did really nice pictures but for some reason Ricoh were (and still are) stubborn. Or maybe just their bean counting dept was.

They killed the GXR, and then decided to come up with the Pentax K-01... Ouch. Now basically all they have is the GR, which is a niche product in a market nibbled away by smartphones, and the Pentax dSLR line is a sunset line, anyway.

Seems like the r&d department at Ricoh (and Pentax) could do wonderful things, but the board at the corporate level has different ideas. Oh well, it's not the first nor the only case where the technical prowess and photographic ambitions don't quite meet the corporate and bean counting aspirations. Or the mainstream market realities. Minolta and recently Olympus and soon Pentax/Ricoh being good examples, among some others.

So manual focus with the M lenses is working well with the TL2?

Yeah, I think it's usable enough. The Visoflex helps a bit, obviously, and with the TL2 you've got the option of using focus peaking as well. Which is rather subtle compared to some other brand models. As in not too strong, kinda like the GXR mode A version, but with better resolution. Focus magnification has been modified slightly as well.

Which M-L adaptor are you using?

The Novoflex one.

The Leica keeps jumping in price so I was going to get the Novoflex, but then I heard a report that the fit was imperfect.

Where or from whom exactly did you hear that?

I haven't noticed any issues, either with the T or the TL2.
My specimen seems to be just fine, well made and precise. Apart from the colour options, the only difference to the pricier Leica version is the absence of those contacts. Which means no Exif data recorded by the camera, but that's it. Mechanically they ought to be on the same level of quality. The Novoflex adapter isn't really on the cheap side of the adapters, either.

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