Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Re: Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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You don't always need hulking $15,000 f4 long-telephotos to do a job. Most cases, whatever is being shot using focal lengths like that will be cropped so even if the likely inexpensive f11 lenses are not fantastic on the edges, it won't matter.

Why are you posting in the m4/3 forum?

Perhaps because those Canon lenses are in principle very similar to what we already have been having for years in Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds, and what he say may be true for some of them, too?

They are 2 shutter speeds slower in poor light than a F5.6 lens. 3 shutter speeds slower than the Olympus 300mm f4 with equivalent 600mm FOV.

No, they aren't. Because the camera is already 2 shutter speeds faster than Olympus, as it can and will be used with 2 steps more ISO, if necessary, without getting into a disadvantage.

How is that, fit a 5.6 lens onto the canon and it's 2 shutter speeds faster than f11, you are confusing equivalent depth of field with shutter speed between formats. 100 ISO and f5.6 will give the same shutter speed on any format. The Canon has 2 stops better noise control dynamic rang etc, not shutter speed.

Way to miss the point. 100 ISO and F/5.6 will give the same shutter speed as 400 ISO and F/11. The bigger sensor will let you use a higher ISO without any penalties. If you still want to use the lower ISO, nobody is stopping you from buying a bigger more expensive lens.

The point is that you will not always be able to use 100 iso on m4/3 the other morning when reading of these f11 lenses I took a meter reading outside, It was grey overcast and light rain, I have shot motorsport in much darker conditions. the reading was 1000 sec at f11 and ISO maxed out at 25600, when it gets darker still you loose the ability of a f11 lens to maintain the faster shutter speeds. Generally long lenses need faster shutter speeds in practical use the shutter speed is the most important choice for sports. its not about using a lower iso, its about being able to take a picture on anything other than a bright summers day but not at dawn or dusk.

Again beside the point. If the f/11 lens needs ISO 25600 for 1/1000s on the Canon, no problem, because the f/5.6 lens on MFT would need ISO 6400 for 1/1000s on the Olympus, which wouldn't produce images of better quality. On the contrary, the images would look quite similar.

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