Diffraction determined by entrance pupil or exit pupil?

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Re: Diffraction, Fourier and Focal Planes - Example

AiryDiscus wrote:

I read the sub-thread before replying. Your posture reads as if you are on some journey to discover the real truths of physical optics, and that Goodman (and, presumably, the whole academic cohort) are wrong, sloppy with terminology, or in some other way dumb. That is arrogant of you. If you'd like, I can arrange a phone call between you and Goodman so that you can air your grievances. You would do well to read his whole book, instead of jumping to the chapter that you think has all the answers.

It's all in your mind, Airy. It's unclear to me why you felt the need to respond to this innocuous contribution

Yeah, I've been thinking about that, I believe this is the source of many incorrect assumptions and conclusions, at least on my part. My current understanding, which comes in large part from Goodman, is that whether they are plane or curved depends on the definition one uses, which depends on the intended purpose.

with a barrage of off-topic, destructive and often incorrect statements and then doggedly tried to defend them ad nauseam. Have you ever tried starting a sentence with 'Yes'? Try it, you may find it gives you a more positive outlook on what you are about to write.

Instead you are full of negativity. You are superficial and do not put in the time to try to understand what people are driving at, therefore end up running off to left field and painting yourself into a corner. Then your ego does not allow you to accept that amateurs like me may know something you don't. That's a career limiting character flaw. And though you have some good practical experience in a very limited portion of the discipline, you do not yet understand the theory well enough to assume that you are always right and everybody else is wrong. Assume the opposite and you'll be better off in life.

For instance in this thread I have learned nothing from you. On the other hand in one short day you have learned that:

a) Goodman assumes the exit pupil is in a plane in Fourier Optics; and
b) propagation from the exit pupil to the image/focal plane occurs over a distance other than focal length.

This is pretty basic stuff, be happy that you learned it here instead of on the job where you would have looked like a fool. Anyways, I've had enough of you for a while, you are going back on my ignore list.

Take three deep centering breaths and enjoy your summer.


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