Best wide angle lens for 90D

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Re: Best wide angle lens for 90D

deploylinux wrote:

The safest solution is the EF 24mm f/2.8 IS.

Extremely well rounded, not too pricey, but heavier than ef-s 24mm.

If you want to branch out from there, I think most of us are looking at the EF 16-35 in Canon land, 10-24mm in Tamron space, or 18-35 in sigma zone.

If you want compatibility with future R model without handicaps Canon has put on ef-s, then buying genuine Canon EF lenses cheap makes most sense........

The 24/2.8 is approximately equivalent to a 35mm on an APS-C camera.  That is hardly what I would want for a wide angle.  Certainly not when my standard zooms are 18-135 or 15-85.  For a separate wide angle I would want to go much wider; e.g., 10-22.

I don't see any "handicaps" for the EF-S lenses.  They are designed and work great on APS-C sensors.  Spending much more for an EF lenses accomplishes nothing unless you plan to switch later on to full frame.  The EF-S sensor camera will use the center of an EF lens so paying much more gets you nothing but more expense and a larger size and more weight.

Buying  "genuine Canon EF lenses" makes no sense unless you get them dirt cheap which is not likely.  If you want dirt cheap, used then you can save way more with a used EF-S lens.

The fact that Canon only uses the "L" designation for some EF lenses does not somehow make EF-S lenses inferior.  Lens testing has shown that some of the EF-S lenses give better results on APS-C cameras than the equivalent EF lenses, even those with "L" designation.

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