Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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Re: Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

Jostian wrote:

BrentSchumer wrote:

The DXOMark color depth values are very inconsistent across Sony cameras with the same sensor and generation:

A6300 - 24.4

A6500 - 24.5

A6400 - 24

A6500 - 23.8

Some of their other values also don't make sense, like the A6600 being 92 points better than the A6500 at low-light ISO with the same sensor

it does make sense, its the same sensor but tweaked etc, and with some of the A9 processing and color science that none of the other A6xxx have. Then again DXO have never been great

Here is the a6300, a6400 and a6500 Color Sensitivity chart:

What's important is not the highest number. It is where the lines are crossing the green line. A6400 crossses at around 800 ISO, while a6500 crosses at around 1600 ISO. That is a significantly better color performance in low light - and it shows. And the results are not all over the place. The a6300 and a6500 perform rather consisently vs. a6400. My guess is that the additional PDAF points take their toll. DxO scores are in fact not all that bad. Only their overall score is kind of strange.

(or the A6500 being 32 points worse than the A6300). This suggests variability on the part of their camera samples and/or test setup.

All I ask is that DXOMark data be put into context when we're taking about a <3% DXOMark difference in color depth between the A6500 and A6600, instead of calling it "rather big."

I apologize if I'm being overly aggressive here. There was a past DPR poster who insisted that the A6400 colors were awful compared to the A6500 (but then yelled that the A6600 was the best after he bought one) and a ton of people who mis-interpreted fading pictures on the DPR test studio as some sort of dramatic degradation in camera color quality.

Considering that Lightroom 6.14 came out in 2017, your problem is 99% likely to be combining a new camera with old software that lacks proper processing. In Capture One, bodies or lenses newer than a software release do not receive camera or lens corrections.

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