Z5 over a Z6

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Re: Z5 over a Z6

My original thoughts were that Nikon consumers were disappointed that the Z6/Z7 didn't have dual memory cards and as well a battery grip.....those were critical feedback as far as I can tell and maybe they listened and this time will introduce the Z5 to address those 'mistakes'....guess we'll have to see what the future holds if there is any truth or accuracy of this rumor.

Gary Barnett wrote:

ShutterDude wrote:

I had planned for awhile now to purchase a Z6, but budget wasn't there for me to act on the purchase, but now with the introduction of a Z5 that's rumored to be coming this month, I might very well just pick up the Z5.

The biggest sell for me is the dual SD cards - some might say that having dual memory card slots is 'useless', but in my use case, it's more than a nice to have.

I would miss the electronic display on the top though.

I'm curious to see what the Z5 will sell for.

Back in the film days, they never had a dual film slots...

Anyway, I very much doubt that Z5 would have dual slots since higher models Z6 and Z7 do not have them as well but probably reserved for Z6s & Z7s.

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