Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Re: Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

Hubertus Bigend wrote:

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Hubertus Bigend wrote:

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MHshooter wrote:

You don't always need hulking $15,000 f4 long-telephotos to do a job. Most cases, whatever is being shot using focal lengths like that will be cropped so even if the likely inexpensive f11 lenses are not fantastic on the edges, it won't matter.

Why are you posting in the m4/3 forum?

Perhaps because those Canon lenses are in principle very similar to what we already have been having for years in Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds, and what he say may be true for some of them, too?

They are 2 shutter speeds slower in poor light than a F5.6 lens. 3 shutter speeds slower than the Olympus 300mm f4 with equivalent 600mm FOV.

No, they aren't. Because the camera is already 2 shutter speeds faster than Olympus, as it can and will be used with 2 steps more ISO, if necessary, without getting into a disadvantage.

The disadvantage is that you've given up any DR advantage you otherwise would have had at equal ISO settings. As a practical matter, you're also shifting the DR from a more balanced distribution between the highlight side of the metered exposure to the shadow side. This can become problematic in BIF shooting where I believe you'll often be facing problems on both ends of the DR range, with the bird's underside being deeply shadowed and the parts illuminated by the sun (including wing tips, upper body, head, beak, etc.) at risk of being blown out. Backing off equivalent ISO helps here if you're faced with this kind of DR challenge but, of course, has other consequences in terms of output image lightness. Not being a BIF shooter, I'm not sure how often this DR conundrum actually presents itself, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it's a real issue.

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