A prelude to the R5/R6...about that 1DX III sensor; DPAF performance?

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A prelude to the R5/R6...about that 1DX III sensor; DPAF performance?

Anybody catch the 1DX III got reviewed today, right before the R6 (and R5) launches?


I don't think that's a coincidence.

Granted, I think the R6's sensor is a variant, not "the" 1DX III sensor these days, still, if you look at the ISO and DR performance of it (class or nearly class leading), this is exciting stuff... I mean in 7 months, I doubt Canon's gone backwards in time with a 20MP FF sensor, but, I do suspect IBIS may contribute to it not quite matching the 1DX III's performance (heat and constant readout means it's base ISO will likely be reduced to a degree).

Likewise, the DPAF performance of the 1DX III and the JPEG engine overhaul which I've been mentioning previously are very impressive as is the HEIF support for SOOC shooters like myself that have a modern Apple devices which support it.

I think this is a prelude to the R6's performance and the R5's to a degree. Hard to judge the latter as there isn't a precedent in the Canon world, but I suspect it'll be good.

Where things get interesting is the JPEG engine's improvements, do they outweigh the MP advantage of the RP for SOOC output? Per the test scene they don't, however, keep in mind the R and RP enjoy an RF 50mm f/1.2 vs the EF 85mm f/1.8 USM, which in itself is no slouch. I suspect the 6-10MP resolution benefit still outweighs the JPEG engine overhaul though so the R/RP are still going to sign louder in terms of sheer IQ for static subjects I gather over say the R6 anyways and especially if you're shooting RAW.

Still (very) impressive results from a 20MP FF sensor and modern DIGIC X that it's now class leading in video, dynamic range, it's autofocus is being compared to the Sony now (for DPAF anyways) and the overhauled JPEG engine meshed with HEIF support. All solid improvements.

For me anyways, I have to weigh silly stuff like 12FPS vs 5FPS, 20MP vs 30MP, IBIS and possibly combination IBIS and superior video with an AF joystick. And still the R5 itself, even though I'm tracking on the R6 now, pricing and availability will factor into which trigger I pull, or whether I pull the trigger at all.

Personally I'm gravitating towards the R6 or just keeping the R. I don't need 8K or 45MP. Want, sure. But if the price difference is substantial, no offense, perhaps another lens (say RF 15-35) and the R6 or just keeping the R makes more sense...

At any rate, sorry for the segue on my own personal buying thoughts, this is good stuff.

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