I chose the 100-400 gm over the 200-600, and im starting to regret it. Help plz. *a7r4 related

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Re: I chose the 100-400 gm over the 200-600, and im starting to regret it. Help plz. *a7r4 related

Lan wrote:

Whilst there are undoubtedly some genuine issues with a few 200-600s (as there are with any fragile optical instrument drop kicked shipped around the world), I think at least some of the reports of problems have been down to unfamiliarity with new equipment, rather than any fundamental problem with that lens.

The A7R4 is a far higher resolution camera than most people are used to, and what you can get away with on an A7III/A9 and get a sharp shot with, you simply cannot get away with on the A7R4 due to the jump in resolution from 24MP to 61MP.

Similarly longer lenses also require better technique. Shutter speeds you can "get away with" on a 100-400 are a non-starter at 600mm.

So when you combine significantly higher resolution, with a significant increase in focal length your technique also needs to improve significantly to compensate for that.

Combine the two issues and you have a problem, but in many cases I suspect it's a user education issue rather than a technical issue.

I'm not saying all the problems are user error - some issues very definitely are not, but I think we are seeing user error as a significant contributor to "problem" lenses.

As always I suggest you weight experienced professional users reports over and above those of random people on the internet. Me included

Agreed. I guess for BIF I have shutter speeds at 1/1250 or faster, and for perched subjects I have Aperture Priority choosing speeds at 2 stops over (“faster”), I rarely  experience problems.

if folks are after sub-reciprocal rule ISO performance they had better have the skills to pull that off (or a nice tripod)

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