Continuous power for BLS powered cameras (in this case the EM10Mk2)

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Re: Continuous power for BLS powered cameras (in this case the EM10Mk2)

OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

Thanks for the wealth of information, Michael! I looked at all three of the adapters you suggested and the second one is the one with the least amount of info available, both the first and third one seem to offer protection and the third one is UL certified, is that the one you would pick? The third one is listed as "Amazon's Choice"

  • UL Certified, short circuit protection, Energy Saver Level 5
  • US seller, ship from US, 1 year limited warranty. For indoor use only.

First of all, my focus is almost entirely how to run the camera for long periods of time via battery usage, so for me, A/C adapters to power the camera are more for testing.  Also, since I power my Panasonic cameras I need to change the plug size (from 5.5mm x 2.1mm to 4.0mm x 1.7mm).  Thirdly I do hobby electronics projects, and at times I need other voltages.  So for those needs, I would probably choose #1 (if somehow the 5-10 adapters I have scattered around the house disappeared).

In terms of certification, typically you want both UL (USA) and CE (Europe) certification.  If you have a choice of units that have both certifications, go for that.  But it isn't a hard and fast rule.

In the third one, there is one comment that it delivers 9.5 volts instead of 9.0 volts.  It is within specification (typically 10% plus or minus).  Sometimes it is sloppiness, but often times if the voltage is on the high side it is to compensate for the current lost by going through longer wires.  Thus by the time it gets to the device, it will still have 9v.

There aren't really enough reviews on the 2nd or 3rd items to choose between them.  So for my needs, it would be #1.

Over-heating protection is likely needed if the device tries to pull way more power than the unit is specified for, and the adapter will shut down rather than go beyond its specifications.  For a single camera, you are likely not to see the camera use so much power.  Remember the camera itself is designed to be limited to what the li-on batteries can put out.

first one has this:

This 15W universal charger built-in protection of over current, over voltage, short circuits,

Neither has over temp protection, which I guess isnt that important?

Also between these and the Bestcor, which would you choose? Furthermore do you think I can also use the adapter from the Bestcor kit with the dummy battery adapter I got from Austria? It seems like they use the same type of connector?

Bescor doesn't provide any information on voltages, amps, etc.  And you don't see pictures of the back of the adapter where it should list the details. Since it is a new product, there are no reviews to go by.  Since my focus is on powering the camera with larger batteries, to me it is an incomplete solution.  But since you actually want an A/C adapter, for you it is an all-in-one solution.

My focus in the initial posting was a source of the dummy BLS battery from a US shipper where you didn't have to wait for shipping from china, which these days can be iffy.  I also had problems setting up an alibaba account when I did buy the original BLS adapter.   But in 2018-2019, the Alibaba and the adapter you bought were the only ones available.

I had ordered a BLS adapter from an Amazon reseller (shipping from China) when I couldn't find the adapter I had bought from Alibaba previously.  Well the Amazon order seemed to get lost and seriously delayed.  So I complained and got a refund.  Then a month later, first I found the original BLS adapter, and the package from Amazon shows up.  The adapter is no longer listed for sale at Amazon.

The dummy batteries sold by Alibaba tend to have a male plug in the dummy battery, while a lot of the A/C adapters and voltage converters tend to assume the dummy battery has a female plug.  I have various solutions to connect the two, so for me it was more an annoyance, rather than a problem.

Since you have the dummy battery already, and it has a female 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug, I would say get one of the three adapters, and you should be fine.

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