Diffraction determined by entrance pupil or exit pupil?

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Re: Diffraction, Fourier and Focal Planes - Example

bclaff wrote:


Did you intentionally link to a different optical prescription?

No, but I think I know what went wrong, at least on Chrome. FYI when I pressed the 'link' button in your page it indeed displayed a link, which I selected with the mouse. When I released the mouse button the link disappeared. I thought that copied it to the clipboard, but it didn't, I just tried it again now and pasting returns something else that I already had in the clipboard. So I must have had the other prescription in the clipboard from before, which was then inserted into DPR's editor when I pasted what I thought was the one below.

In any case, here's the one you are using.

To tie in with some earlier comments I added a few lines:

So that looks like not just the exit pupil plane but the exit pupil (drawn flat although this one is quite flat anyway).

Of course the principal plane extends infinitely.

Right. Those lines help, thanks. BTW I did not draw the planes, those are from your P' Surface and H' Surface buttons at f/2.8ish.


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