Light spot in center of sensor

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Doug Haag Senior Member • Posts: 2,209
Re: Light spot in center of sensor

Bman70 wrote:

Well I was shooting at the sky to check for dust, and it seems the center of the exposure is just a shade lighter than the rest. It's hardly noticeable until I crank up the contrast like I do when checking for dust particles. I haven't seen this before, but I don't do this test very often, and I think this is the first time with this lens (100-400GM).
Offhand, I'm wondering if the metering setting could do this? I have it set for Multi mode though, not Center. Is it just the telephoto superpower trying to zoom in on space?

Perhaps instead of worrying about it, you can think of it as a "feature".  As in: "Sony cameras are clearly better than others because none of the others can claim a light spot."

It appears they also feature a "dark spot" at about 4 O'clock,

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