Modifying Pentax mount lenses for SA mount cams?

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Re: Modifying Pentax mount lenses for SA mount cams?

SteveNunez wrote:

Hello fellow Sigma shooters, I understand Pentax k mount lenses can physically fit on Sigma bodies with minimal modification and some slight loss of close range focusing;

So even if you could, why would you? What's the point of that? Is it worth ruining perfectly good K-mount lenses? Just curious.

After all, the flange distance of the K-mount is almost 1,5mm longer, so the K-mount lenses would only work as sort of fully manual "macro" lenses that won't lock in place with the Sigma body, anyway.

But without mutilating them, both classic and modern K lenses would work fine with a suitable adapter with the fp or any other L-mount camera, including the forthcoming Sigma Foveon sensor model. They'd also make nice video lenses for the fp with a suitable adapter. But only if the aperture lever mechanism was intact.

I for one would rather spare the K-mount lenses for the aforementioned reasons and settle for native SA-mount and perhaps a few exotic M42 lenses, maybe even some of those screwmount Takumars.

To each their own, obviously. But still, I'd feel kinda sad for the K-mount lenses. 

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