Sigma FP dust reduction?

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Re: Sigma FP dust reduction?

D Cox wrote:

I just give it a blow with the Rocket every time I change lenses. No problems so far.

Same here, I just give it a blow with the Lenspen every now and then. No problems so far.

I don't think the fp is any different from most other digital ILC cameras with an exposed sensor stack when the lens is removed. Sometimes dust particles get there.

Some cameras indeed have varying means to shake the glass stack in the front of the sensor but that's not a 100% guarantee of an always dust-free sensor, either. The dust particles between the glass stack and the lens aren't removed, they're merely shaken down for a while.
In case dust is a major and recurring problem, maybe the environment where the lens swaps take place is dustier than usual, or maybe it's about static electricity, clothing choices and such.

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