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Re: Pulling out of N-America?

Danielvr wrote:

My back-of-an-envelope estimate is that you'd have to sell 10,000 cameras to recoup the costs of running a N-American sales operation. With some 2 million system cameras having been sold in N-America in 2019, that would equal a tiny .5% market share. Sell one more lens cap and you're turning a profit.

10k units sounds very low to me...

Staffing costs, estate costs, distribution costs, and the huge one... marketing costs!

If the sales operation had a profit per unit of $100 (they'd be lucky to achieve that!) they have a "profit" of a $1 million. Can they pay for all the above out of that?

Look, we don't know! There are ways of slashing costs. Switch to a direct model, sell direct from the factory online, use local country web sites as drop shipping operations. Trim back the product line... the PEN line has felt that. It's essentially the EP-L9 / 10 now, plus whatever remains in inventory to be sold. That leaves the OMD line which stands at four models. Three is probably sufficient.

Can Olympus move the market, or should they just react to the market? I honestly think that manufacturers need to offer a seamless, instant link between the camera and smartphone. The kind that once I turn my camera on it's talking to my phone if it's in range.

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