Leica TL2 in 2020?

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Re: TL11-23 + Sigma 16/30/56 f1.4 + TL3 //Re: Leica TL2 in 2020?

Strangefinder wrote:

Personally, I'm waiting for a TL3 so it will be fully compatible with the L Mount Alliance and hopefully have an integrated EVF.

Which would make it a CL2.

Seriously though, I don't consider the TL2 as a CL without a built in EVF, even though the two cameras share the sensor and apparently the processor as well. I think there's more to it. The two are aimed at slightly different users, and it's not just about the price level.

The TL series is aimed at people who don't always need or use the EVF and who like the new kind of UI, whereas the CL is aimed at the more 'traditional' shooters, like those shooting with a Leica M. That's a simplification, obviously, and both can be seen as small-ish 'lifestyle' cameras but the point is that the choice between the two models ought to be more than just the choice between a built in EVF. Even though it often becomes a choice between two price points.

For example, the T/TL/TL2 with the 18mm pancake lens is practically a kind of Ricoh GR with a lens mount and a smartphone-style user interface. Ideal for the same kind of shooting and camera carrying style. Maybe a bit more casual, easy to carry, easy to use small 'serious' camera. Travel and street shooting being two rather popular usage examples. Changing to a different (small-ish) lens improves the reach of the camera but not it's character.
Whereas the CL is more like an APS-C version of Leica M with AF and EVF. The CL and TL models overlap a bit of course, but they're not quite the same thing.

Maybe the Ricoh GXR with the 28mm (19mm) lens module was another close comparison to the TL series. Almost identical in size, too. The GXR also had an optional EVF, and you could use L-mount lenses with it.
I used to shoot with a GXR and I liked it. Sure, I would have liked a built in EVF and sometimes I was a bit annoyed by the extra hump on the hot shoe when the EVF was in it. But as soon as I figured what the GXR really was and wasn't I got along just fine with it, and the results looked pleasant. It was not ideal as the main or the only camera system, but as a lightweight secondary system it was nice. Horses for courses.

Nowadays I'm using a TL2 as a GXR replacement, again as a secondary lightweight system and so far so good. Sometimes I still miss the user interface and some features of the GXR but the TL interface (also used in the Hasselblad X1D) is okay for a camera like this, and the images look similar. They're both quirky little ILC cameras, but in slightly different flavours.

Suppose this is a long-winded way of saying that the TL series is an acquired taste, not a cheaper version of the CL, but rather a different animal altogether.

The MC-21 adaptor doesn't work with it, though - only the SL2 does, I believe.

Apparently the new Fotodiox L to EF mount adapter does work with the CL and TL series cameras but not with the original SL. So there's one option.

Although I don't think the combination of bulky, mostly electronic EF lenses with an adapter is an ideal option, anyway. It's a bit tedious and always rather top-heavy and uncomfortable to hold even with moderately sized lenses. Which sort of defeats the purpose of having such a small and compact (APS-C) camera in the first place. Therefore I'd rather settle for the native L-mount lenses as more choice is emerging. Along with an M-mount adapter and the compact-sized M lenses, which are a nicer fit for the TL2

The 56mm is very nicely sized.

Looking forward to testing one IRL.

I've heard that the 11-23mm is the favourite of the zooms.

I don't own one, but I've heard similar comments. It's rather pricey, though, and personally I think I'd prefer primes. Which is why the Sigma trio is rather interesting. But we'll see.

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