With rumors of a Z8, where does the Z7 fit in?

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Re: It's a good question

briantilley wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

So Nikon's DSLR line-up (full frame) is:

D610 (entry) -> D780 (mid-level "prosumer") -> D850 (high MP "pro") -> D6 (flagship "pro")

Note: CURRENT and existing.

What does a Z lineup look like if there is both a Z7 and Z8?

Z5 (entry) -> Z6 (mid-level "prosumer") -> Z7 (high MP "prosumer") -> Z8 (higher MP "pro") -> Z9 (flagship "pro")

Note: Some CURRENT and existing, but more than half is SPECULATION and imaginative.

You can't compare imaginative cameras with existing ones.

I think you mean "imaginary".

Yes. Sorry for the error.

Forget about Z5, when (if) that comes the Z6 will be phased out. Forget about the Z8 and the Z9 for a long time. When one of those comes, the Z7 will be phased out and replaced.

Clearly you're just guessing,


but you make it sound so definite.

Like everybody else...

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