Weird line in my 35mm scans

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Re: Weird line in my 35mm scans

mamallama wrote:

Ulrik Christiansen wrote:

Ulrik Christiansen wrote:

Ulrik Christiansen wrote:

Hi everyone


Thank you everyone for your replies! I will try to resolve the problem when I get home from work today

I seem to have gotten rid of the problem. I started by cleaning the scanner surfaces thoroughly, did a couple of scans using different settings and I do not see the lines anymore in any scans.

Love this forum and the helpful people here - thank you very much everyone!

I cannot understand how dirty surfaces can produce a line like under the baby's chin. What different settings can you trace to that was the cause?

But the trace was not only under chin, it's through the picture, perfectly parallel and straight line. Such anomalies are usually of digital  / electronic origin, since sensors and scanners work line-by-line. This particular scanner probably could not calibrate its sensor movement perfectly because of dirt in the calibration area and thus created some anomalies in the scans.

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