Continuous power for BLS powered cameras (in this case the EM10Mk2)

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Re: Continuous power for BLS powered cameras (in this case the EM10Mk2)

Lets see. Remember the goal is 9v and at least one amp. It is shoddy packaging if they just list one amp value and several different voltages, since it is unlikely it offers the same amp value for each voltage. In general, it will be a common watts (i.e. volts*amps), so if the volts increase, the amps decrease.

The truevalue adapter, I can't read what the voltages and amps are, so skip this one, unless you can see it in the store.

If you notice, the 3 radioshack ones are all sold out online. Back in the day, they had some decent gear, but I'm surprised the brand is still active. In any case, since the ones aren't available, don't buy it.

Amazon B005E0Q4YC -- since it doesn't say what the amps are at 9v, skip it.

Amazon B078LSVVTB -- in theory it would work, but I must admit I prefer units that are clearer what they put out. Instead, the put out a list of voltages and then a list of amps, and you have to count backwards to match the amps to the voltages.

Amazon B01N2K48HR -- Like B005E0Q4YC, this only lists one amps, and it doesn't list the specific amps at 9v.

Amazon B07R33J1BM -- Stay completely away from this one. It only produces 18v, and not 9v that you need. This has the possibility of frying your camera.

Amazon B0811G6892 -- This is constant 5v, 3a. If you use an appropriate voltage converter to 9v, this has enough power, but it would be simpler to get something that does 9v directly.

Amazon B07SWJGZ8V -- Same as B0811G6892, except with only the 5.5mm x 2.1mm tip.

Amazon B078LSVVTB -- This is listed twice, see above.

Amazon B01N7RS0NG -- This does not specifically list what the amps are at 9v.

Amazon B07GBWSVWB -- Another product that likely does what you want (9v/1a), but it is poorly documented what the exact amps are for each voltage.

Doing a quick Amazon search for A/C converter 9v, here is the first one that pops up where it clearly shows that for 9v it delivers 1.5 amps of power.  In addition, it produces more amps at 9v than the other adapters you mentioned (all of which seems to be 9v/1a).  While you likely could get by with 9v/1a, it is better to have a safety margin and produce more amps.  However note, 11% of the people gave it a 1 star rating:

These adapters do exactly what you want 9v, and put out 2a, so it should be enough power.  There are only a few reviews, but they are positive reviews:

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