Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Re: Moreover, they finally demonstrate where equivalence stops

MHshooter wrote:

There are optical downsides to fresnel lenses. I'd prefer if they (Olympus) stuck with making absolutely top-flight optics. It's not like Olympians need 600mm+ lenses, so the length of traditional optics doesn't matter much. In truth, i thought the the Canon lenses would be stripped-down, maybe even manual focus, in which case they would be fun to add to an Olympus kit. Like having a powerful mirror-lens, without the drawbacks of a mirror-lens.

From what I've seen and read, those downsides seem to have been overcome in both Canon's and Nikon's more recent DO/PF lenses (the new f/11 lenses excluded of which we obviously don't know much yet). All those later DO/PF lenses are widely regarded as excellent. But many of the existing DO/PF lenses are also faster (in absolute numbers, not just equivalent) than what we have for MFT. If there would be a chance for our lens lineup to grow in that area, I wouldn't really mind getting Fresnel versions, if we could get a 300mm f/2.8 or 500mm f/5.6. I wouldn't be interested in conventional designs as much, as they would completely rule out hand-held use, which I consider a must...

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