Basic set up for EM-1 mark iii

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Re: Basic set up for EM-1 mark iii

mchnz wrote:

I've since completed the setup of my E-M1 III.

here is a copy of my customisation sheet. I was primarily concentrating on customising three modes for static-birds, moving-birds, and landscapes/static-subjects. All modes are based on A-Mode (I have a thing about controlling aperture - I like more DOF).

As mentioned previously, I normally photograph this sheet with the camera and then lock it against deletion. In addition I've put a PDf copy of the document at

Surprisingly some things such as EVF style and favourites are non-modal (same favourites for all modes). Non-modal settings are marked N/A in the C-Modes column. It would have been useful if the manual had noted what is/isn't modal.

There is no button customisation to jump to favourites. Hopefully Olympus could add the ability to bind favourites to a button in a future firmware upgrade (but that might be difficult if it crosses some internal division in the firmware).

Olympus have added the ability to assign a button the live-view boost (not possible on the Mark II).

The multi-function button is still strangely limited, I would have loved to be able to put many of the favourites on the multifunction button (maybe the person who developed multifunction left and the code is too scary to touch).

The lever still seems a bit of a solution looking for a problem, I would have rather the space had been allocated to more buttons. One lever option present on the Mark II has been removed, the lever can no longer be used to toggle the functions of the power-switch buttons.

There seems to be a bit of a debate on whether the noise filter is OK on low, or better left off (off being not entirely off).

I miss the E-M1 II mysets which I could use to customise A, S, P, or M. It was a mistake to abandon the myset concept.

I should add that I forgot to set the EVF info to match the LCD info, set Cog→ I→ Info Settings→ custom settings to be the same as Cog→ D1→ LV Info → custom settings. I forgot that they were different which got me very confused this afternoon. I've put an updated v2 PDF in the google drive folder shared previously.

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