Canon's release of 600/800mm f11 lenses PROVES you don't need Cannons!

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Hubertus Bigend
Hubertus Bigend Forum Member • Posts: 71
Moreover, they finally demonstrate where equivalence stops

While equivalence continues to prove valid both in theory and practice most of the time, those two lenses seem the first real proof that even now that full-frame finally starts to make slow mft-equivalent lenses which weren't available on full-frame so far (and which Chris Niccholls and Jordan Drake were asking for in a recent video), at least in the longer telephoto range they still won't become as compact, nor will they offer similar close-focus capabilities without additional effort, either.

This is all the more obvious as those f/11 lenses even make use of Fresnel elements, which could, but haven't been used for any Micro Four Thirds lens yet, with the potential of making them even smaller than they are.

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