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brianric wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

Because of social distancing I have mostly doing wildlife photography so my E-M1X is getting more use than the new in late February E-M1.3. I did get one job where I used the E-M1.3. I was wanting to test the new Face Detection and this fob was a good place to test it. I was taking photos of people going a the Bat Chader ride and the Plunge ride at Indiana Caverns. With the Bat Chaser I was getting portraits of the rider traveling toward me at 20 to 25 mph. The Plunge was a free fall and I taking photos of the jumper in free fall. I gave up on the new Face Detection and went with C-AF. It worked fine and the client was happy.

What I was hoping for this year was to use the face and eye detection on my bike-a-thon and running events to see how well it would work. I also had planned using the E-M1.3 as the main camera at the finish line of my biggest shoot to see if heat issues are a concern as the E-M1.2 in 2017 overheated and shut down. The E-M1X with the built-in heat sink easily handled the load in 2019,

Anyhow, with both an E-M1X and E-M1.3 and their long life shutter life and the durability I should be set for several years. Image quality is already good enough for my use and the technology is not really advancing much. I will continue buying Olympus lenses if it is something I will use.

I have two E-M1X and one E-M1.3. The coronavirus has canceled all my shoots since April, which basically resulted in giving my gear another year on life as far as to wear and tear, I've had a lot of new medical issues to contend with including a potential heart attack and congestive heart failure. So either way, I'd be laid up. I'm going to cut back next year on the American Cancer Society Relay for Life from an average of seven to a maximum of three and no more back to back events, I'm 70 and at best I'll make it to 80. I feel my present gear should outlast me.

GOD Bless you Brian!!!

Best Regards,


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