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alcelc wrote:

As per Photonstophotos, it suggested that the Panny sensor is slightly weaker than the Sony sensor, but after the generation of GX9/G95/G9 etc, the difference is no longer material:

I suspect it is more the software in the camera, not the actual sensor itself.

To be fair, back in the old days the difference is marginal, and it is on level playing ground already.

  • I find the Panasonic metering tends to burn out the highlights with white areas in the shot, while Olympus tends to go just up to the limit but not actually burn out the highlight. Yes I can adjust the tone curve and dial in exposure compensation, but then I have to lift the levels more in post processing. In addition with dialing in exposure compensation, I find I often times miss the decisive moment, as I'm chimping the EC. At outdoor events, I typically keep my camera in my right hand but not up to my eye -- when I see a DM coming up, I move the camera to my eye to get the subject in the focus point, click, and put down the camera. With an Olympus, I generally get the shot, with a Panasonic, I don't.

I had came across your opinion on Panny Compact forum a few times. I thought you are referring to the default 0ev metering exposure behaviour of Panny cameras. However, I don't find it true on GX85 and G85 (could be similar on GX7 as well, no interest to look back on older GX1 or G1 etc). In my home testing, I found Panny camera actually has a strong tendency on highlight protection, not shadow lifting bias. Therefore, my fastest ETTR setting is while zebra first appears, dial in +1/3ev (in case of G85) and +2/3ev (in case of GX85)... If Panny camera has the tendency as you said, 99% of shots would have highlight overblown...

At this point, I've decided I really don't like Panasonic. If you like Panasonic, great.

I have taken pictures of men wearing white shirts where the white in the shirt is burnt out on Panasonic and not Olympus. When I was in Florida, I noticed similar things with Egrets and white feathers.

So for the things I want to photograph, Panasonic gets in the way, and I have to chimp too much, and in chimping I lose the decisive moment.

Generally, I am not interested in playing guess the setting to get the best results. I tend to want to set things up, and have the camera take the shot. Olympus tends to do it more than Panasonic. Other people can take the time to shoot the best image. I'm only really concerned about capturing the images that I see without having to do a lot of setup.

My G85 (a gray market product, nowhere it came from) has a limit on 30 min video .

If your 'G85' has a 30 minute limit, it is likely a 'G80' or 'G81' that were targeted towards Europe. I have shot 1.5 hour shows with my G85. Note, I only shoot 1080p, and when I do it, I either use the battery grip or external power. If you were trying to shoot 4K, it may be your card didn't have enough space, or was too slow to keep up.

Granted I did not originally buy the G85 for video. I bought it because it had an OLED viewfinder, sensor shift stabilization, and was splash proof. It was only after using it and its two siblings that I came to dislike the camera (for stills). But then I decided to see how it worked for video, and it worked a lot better than the JVC camcorder I previously used.

That's why for me, I'm happy with the E-m5 mark III that I bought in February.  Yes, Olympus dumbed it down somwhat, but it does what I want for stills.

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